Sunday Morning Cookbook Review: The Vegan 8

Vegan cooking gets a bit of bad reputation for being outlandishly complicated, full of “weird” ingredients not available in local supermarkets, and requiring days to make. I have to admit that I have indeed seen and used recipes like that. Some of them were worth the effort – especially the fresh mozzarella – but some … Continue reading Sunday Morning Cookbook Review: The Vegan 8

Meat-less Keema Matar

By now you probably figured out that I am a huge fan of Indian cuisine. Perhaps it’s the spices, perhaps it’s the long and slow simmering, perhaps is the whole culture of not eating meat that produced an abundance of vegan-friendly recipes and ingredient combinations [EDIT: I was alerted that current facts suggest that India … Continue reading Meat-less Keema Matar

Sunday Morning Cookbook Review: Great Vegan BBQ Without a Grill

What better time to write a cookbook review than on a Sunday morning while enjoying a nice cup of coffee and wondering if it will ever stop snowing in New England. It’s the end of March, past the official first day of spring and more snow just started to come down!? And it is only … Continue reading Sunday Morning Cookbook Review: Great Vegan BBQ Without a Grill

Saffron Cauliflower Rice

Is there a more gorgeous looking vegetable than cauliflower? This is, of course, a rhetorical question because the answer to anyone who has ever held a perfect head of cauliflower in their hands should be an obvious “No!”. Cauliflower florets are a perfect ingredient for things like vegan Buffalo wings – if you haven’t tried … Continue reading Saffron Cauliflower Rice

Unbelievably Easy Baked Polenta Sticks

I was raised eating polenta with milk and sugar for breakfast. As I grew up and started experimenting with my food, I would add sour cream and even ajvar, the roasted red pepper and eggplant spread many associated with Bulgaria and the South East Balkans. But even with these add-ons, polenta remained a breakfast food. … Continue reading Unbelievably Easy Baked Polenta Sticks

Vegan Onion and “Bacon” Tart

Savory tarts are a great source of comfort during long, and cold, winter months, so fall seems like a perfect time to stock pile great savory tart recipes. One of the favorite topping combinations for this type of tart is onions and bacon. There can be little mystery about why this is so. Caramelized onions … Continue reading Vegan Onion and “Bacon” Tart

10 Recipes I Could Enjoy Over and Over Again

As 2017 was wrapping up, I took a look at the most popular posts on this blog, and the results were not really all that surprising. People liked Carrot Dogs, which continue to be popular, as well as jackfruit “crab” cakes, chicken-less tikka masala, a meaty veggie burger, and homemade ground beef substitute. But, believe … Continue reading 10 Recipes I Could Enjoy Over and Over Again

Top 5 Eat the Vegan Rainbow Posts of 2017

Well, the year came and went. 2017 saw two major changes in my life: I decided to become vegan, and I changed my job after a decade. Both of these changes have helped me rebalance, and regain control of my wellness. The change I made to my diet had profound effects on my energy levels, … Continue reading Top 5 Eat the Vegan Rainbow Posts of 2017

Chicken-less Tikka Masala

  Several months ago I shared the recipe for a Vegan Chicken Tikka Masala that used jackfruit instead of the chicken and came together in a slow cooker. I still think that that’s a great, flavorful and aromatic dish and if you are looking for new ways of making and enjoying jackfruit it is definitely something you … Continue reading Chicken-less Tikka Masala

Fancy Faux-Lobster Roll

During long, winter months when days are short, snow piles up high and it does not get above freezing for weeks on end, New Englander likes to enjoy things like pots and pots of piping hot New England Clam Chowder, a creamy and rich seafood based soup. This winter I did something that just a … Continue reading Fancy Faux-Lobster Roll

5 Must-try Recipes for Beginner Vegans

Half a year ago I made a decision to ditch meat, and dairy, and eggs, and honey, and fish, and seafood. What I was left with was a whole bunch of plants that all of a sudden went from being a side dish to being the star ingredients of everything I was cooking. Six months … Continue reading 5 Must-try Recipes for Beginner Vegans

Creamy Mango & Chickpea Curry Tofu

Slow cooker (crock pot) is one of my favorite small kitchen appliances and definitely the best way to make dishes that come together only after long, long simmering. Putting everything into a slow cooker is so much easier than baby sitting a simmering stew bubbling away on the stove top! But: slow cooker is slow … Continue reading Creamy Mango & Chickpea Curry Tofu